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Water Compatible vs. Water Soluble

Cannabinoids are naturally water-hating, oily (hydrophobic) compounds found in hemp. Because these oily substances do not mix with water, carrier oils have been needed to make cannabidiol (CBD) products. Some companies have used emulsions or nanoemulsions, a method that coats cannabinoids with something that is not as water phobic. Although doing so may make the cannabinoid more water compatible, it does not truly make is water soluble. Emulsified cannabinoids can initially mix up fairly well but, overtime, separate much like homemade salad dressing eventually separates.

Disadvantages of Emulsions or Nanoemulsions

  • Water compatible – not water soluble
  • Eventually separates
  • May need to be shaken often
  • Tends to be cloudy
  • Tends to look thick or globby
  • Taste is bitter

Micelle Water Soluble Technology (MWST)

Instead, by using proprietary micellar nanotechnology, a cannabinoid/CBD micellar nano-sized molecule is formed which can pass more easily through the intestinal barrier, for enhanced delivery and faster rate of absorption. This technology also allows for a more consistent dose of cannabinoids/CBD, that helps to optimize overall health balance. Essentially, Micelle Water Soluble Technology (MWST) produces micelles which mimic the body’s natural producing micelle function (inside the body); necessary to absorb fat soluble actives into the body. Micelles may improve the bioavailability of water insoluble compounds, such as cannabinoids/CBD, up to 8 times when compared to non-encapsulated fat soluble. The results occur faster and provide many advantages.

Advantages of Water Soluble Powder (WSP)

  • WSP is an innovated technology and proprietary formula
  • WSP is easily made instant in liquid forming CBD natural micelles
  • WSP CBD natural micelles are formed immediately at <100 nm particle size
  • WSP mimics the body’s natural micelle formation
  • WSP natural micelles enhances the degree and rate at which CBD is absorbed
  • WSP improves stability of Active/Improved shelf-life
  • WSP ingredients have Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)/Self-Affirmed GRAS Status

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