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Many people have now sought relief from pain and other complications from chronic conditions through the use of no THC CBD products. But a great many more individuals who could greatly benefit from their use are still puzzled about the properties and efficacy of these CBD products. They may be unsure which types of product will best alleviate their symptoms. To gain a deeper understanding of how CBD oil could help you, it’s helpful to first understand some common terms and the similarities and differences of the products.
There are three major categories of CBD products on the market today: full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate CBD oils. Let’s examine the properties of each so you can better understand which products can potentially bring you the most relief.

Does all CBD come with THC?

This is a valid concern, as there are many potential users who refrain from accessing the many benefits of CBD oil due to concerns that they may test positive for marijuana on a drug test. But the good news is that consumers can buy no THC CBD oil that they can use with no fear of testing positive for marijuana on a drug test.

CBD Full Spectrum

These products are the most popular form purchased and used by consumers. Considered to be products of the whole plant, in addition to the CBD, they also are comprised of terpenes, which are unsaturated and volatile hydrocarbons that make up plant essential oils. Full-spectrum cannabinoids also contain CBN, CBG and typically at least trace amounts of THC. Because the components occur naturally and work synergistically with one another, they tend to be the most effective at combatting chronic pain. This is due in large part to the entourage effect where the therapeutic benefit of each individual plant component is enhanced by the presence of all of its parts. A bottle or jar of CBD full spectrum product can provide equivalent or better relief from inflammation and pain than the anti-inflammatory products currently marketed as over-the-counter pain relief medications here in the United States.

Even when the cannabinoids and terpenes are first extracted from the plant material, at a later point in the processing these compounds may be added back later in the process to make a more potent product. However, in full spectrum cannabinoids, due to the presence of even trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive component of the plant that produces a “high” in users), consumers should be aware of the potential for testing positive for marijuana on drug tests after using these products as directed.

CBD Broad Spectrum

While these CBD oils will still have full levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, there is no THC present in the finished product. Processing removes and eliminates the THC yet retains all healing properties of the terpenes and cannabinoids, allowing for the entourage effect benefits.

CBD Isolates

Individuals who are subject to drug testing for jobs or other reasons often use CBD isolates. This is as close to pure CBD as can be purchased because it has been isolated from all other components and by-products. CBD isolates are made by cooling the extracted oil until crystals form naturally. These crystals are then ground into powder, concentrated in a slab or in combination with an inert carrier oil. The higher the purity, the less chance of any stray THC making its way into the final product. Products with lower than 99.5 percent purity may still contain negligible trace amounts of THC, but at these levels should not impact drug tests that detect THC.

What are the colors, scents and tastes of the 3 CBD varieties?

Both CBD full spectrum and CBD broad spectrum oils are generally either dark or lighter golden in color. CBD isolates are typically clear or nearly clear. Most people report that CBD full spectrum and CBD broad spectrum oils have a grassy “green” scent to them. Some can distinguish a light scent typically associated with unprocessed marijuana, although it is much milder. Sometimes terpenes that are added to the oil can subtly infuse it with different scents. CBD isolates are usually odor-free.

Since the most common routes of administration for CBD oil are orally and sublingually (under the tongue), many first-time users are concerned about the taste. If the botanical compound is processed without any added flavorings, it understandably has an earthy flavor to it from the chlorophyll. Many users report this taste to be either pleasant or neutral. For those who find it distasteful, all you need to do is add the oil to a drink — your morning smoothie is a good choice — or take it with a bite of ice cream or another sweet to mask its taste.

Still other consumers prefer to purchase their CBD oil with their favorite flavoring added. Although CBD isolates are tasteless, they can also be flavored. Flavor additives have no effect on the purity or efficacy of the CBD oils.

Could No THC CBD Be a Good Option for You?

Millions of people who suffer from chronic pain due to debilitating conditions have found relief by using CBD oils. The medical community is only just beginning to tap the therapeutic possibilities of this plant-based medicinal product. Certainly, CBD oil remains a viable alternative to traditional pharmaceutical options like highly addictive opioid pain medications that have confined so many patients.

With no threat of addiction from the use of CBD oils, United States consumers who use the oil-based products are finding relief from conditions as disparate as insomnia and post-operative pain. Because they contain no (or only trace elements of) psychoactive compounds, they are federally legal to purchase and use in all 50 states.

As with any herbal supplement or compound, consumers should first ask a health care professional if it safe for them to start taking no THC CBD oils and other products.

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