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Dr. Sharon Pedrosa
Research and Education

The desire to help youth and families is a driving force in my work and often energizes me to expand my thinking and perspective when investigating different paths to treatment. An open mindset has led me to the discovery of CBD as an alternative medicinal product and for use in complementary therapies. CBD has brought relief to thousands on individuals, has promising potential for better health, and brings with it many exciting possibilities for improvement in life quality.

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Committed to setting higher standards, we take pride in the process and the quality of our products, to bring you the very best nature has to offer.

CBD quality products from health professionals you can trust.

SafiCBD was conceived out of a personal need to help people close and dear to me find an alternative to traditional solutions for anxiety. Conventional interventions, therapies, and medicines had not provided the results expected, and I felt that I had to open my mind to something different, to something that was proving good results, but also to something that had research behind it.

A background in psychology and of traditional treatment methods has allowed SafiCBD a better understanding of the conventional stumbling blocks that prevent so many people from moving towards optimal well-being in a way that is fast, simple, and straightforward. We also understand first-hand that sometimes life gets hard, but whole-heartedly believe that it’s important not to give up. At SafiCBD, we have listened to what real people have to say and we recognize that sometimes positive coping strategies and effective paths to treatment work better when they combined with holistic approaches, alternative medicine, or complimentary therapies.

As a practicing mental and behavioral health professional, I have considered the available clinically relevant results of research and have concluded that individuals can achieve positive health benefits from CBD. I’m committed to making sure that SafiCBD offers CBD products that can bring relief in a pure and natural manner.

From Seed to Sale

The SafiCBD products you are buying and using are the same products we are investing in and also using ourselves. Like our clients, we too want quality products that are safe and reliable. We take extra steps to produce superior lines of CBD products by devoting an extensive amount of time into relationships, knowledge, and standards. Fostering solid partnerships with technicians, chemists, and farmers in the United States lets us have direct involvement in the growth, cultivation, extraction, and formulation processes – from seed to sale. Staying up-to-date on pioneering technologies, botanical advances, and ground breaking research guides our decision making strategies and company vision. Through every step, we maintain ethical, professional, legal, and moral standards at the forefront of our work. And, in all we do, there is you! We are passionately excited about creating plant based non THC and broad or full spectrum medicinal alternatives that offer you the option to choose.

Our Promise

SafiCBD offers products that have been third party tested by certified analytical labs. Testing done by a third party provides the consumer with the assurance that results are free from internal company bias. Every product can be matched by a batch number to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that provides information about the chemical makeup of each product; cannabinoids, other compounds, and concentration. The ‘ID’ column tells which cannabinoids were tested for. The ‘Weight %’ column will show if D9-THC (the psychoactive compound) is lower than .3 weight % (federally legal amount allowed). ND means that a non-detectable or miniscule amount to no amount of that compound or substance was found when tested. For example, non THC products will have a COA with non-detectable THC lab results. Other cannabinoids (CBD, CBVD, CBG, CBC, etc.) that were detected in the analysis will also be reported along with their respective concentration. An analysis of heavy metals along with the concentration and ‘Use Limits’ may also be reported. The ‘Concentration’ amount should be below the ‘Use Limits’; which is the amount determined by the State Department of Public Health to be safe to ingest in one day. Additionally, a COA may also report on terpenes, pesticides, and solvents. By providing consumers with a COA, SafiCBD offers transparency and confidence in our products.

Our CBD Products

CBD Oils

A complete line of CBD oils with and without THC. In isolate, raw and purified.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules with no THC in isolate and with THC - full spectrum

CBD Edibles

No THC CBD gummies and candies in fruity flavor combinations.

CBD Topicals

CBD creams whipped together with jojoba, rosemary, and lavender.

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